£ 2000 to marry a dog

London: Hobby or enjoyment of something, often makes people no longer count about spending money. That's what happened to the dog lovers in the UK.

Dailymail announce on Thursday (7 / 4), Louise Harris designing large-scale wedding dog in Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex, England, and attended by 80 delegates attending. It costs spent are staggering 2000 pounds.

Decorating the wedding was very beautiful. There were balloons and flowers all of which spent £ 4000. Then food was served a wide variety, ranging from food buffet with chocolate fountain decoration as high as 1.8 meters. The most expensive dog food is also available for both families and friends in attendance.

In fact, this dog marriage also use the services of the EO. Preparations were not kidding. Louise admitted it took three months to prepare the dog's wedding. "I am very happy to do it all for my beloved dog. Initially I wanted to make this wedding on a small scale. But, when I noted the name of the guest, the guest list to attend so even more. I do not want anyone to forget," he said when interviewed by the media.

Terrier type dog named Lola, dressed like a bride. Lola wearing a wedding dress specially designed by renowned animal Latimer Couture designer, for a thousand pounds. Lola wedding dress is also decorated with Swarovski crystals and pearls.

Meanwhile, the bride who is also male dog terrier type dog is wearing a tuxedo from the same designer for 100 Pounds Sterling.

Six-year-old Lola. For the dog world, this age old enough so that Lola has also looked for couples over the Internet. Louise finally chose a couple to Lola, a terrier named Mugly Chinese descent.

Once married Lola and Mugly will live separately. Mugly will stay with Bev Nicholson owner of Eastfield, Peterborough, England. Both these happy dogs will meet once every month.

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