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If you're an AdSense publisher, or even if you just my hobby site, the most important thing you can get more money from the size and location would like to experiment with.

Most of the time, publishers post / all pages uses the same template, but it does not always have the highest pay. If you use the CMS, you use a different template allowed access to many can. Do you use WordPress, this function has been added recently. If you do not perform optimization Adsense Recently, I read blog posts from AdSense AdSense optimization techniques recommended. Are using technology, the changes that often can have a dramatic impact on their income. For dramatic? I'll show

You can see that the revenue on each page of a website was fairly consistent for most of the year. Stated, however, reading and applying changes to AdSense after posting above, I have changed the location and size. You see the good results show an improvement. More importantly, a high level of fixed income. Me and the way you put it: at least 15 minutes worth of work, I have four times as much money in one month can generate pages approx. So maybe you want to try something. Here are my suggestions:
  • To or better than that business is traffic page
  •  Keep the template page 
  • Various ad placement, colors and sizes to try
  • Going to try each experiment lasted less than a week
  • View a high CTR or eCPM high temptation AdSense income do not - off course
  • Once you optimal size found on a separate page to try and see if revenue growt
  • Foaming, rinse, repeat
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