meteor shower starting the turn of the year 2011

New Year 2011 will be enlivened meteor shower. If the clear sky, a meteor shower that can be seen around the world can also be witnessed in Indonesia began around 01.00.

Quadrantids meteor shower will be visible in the sky east of the sea will take place from 1 to 5 January that will come. While three other meteor showers will continue until January 20.

Quadrantids itself is one of the most beautiful meteor shower phenomenon with the intensity of "rain" above average. Meteor showers that can be seen easily in early January of this could reach 40 meteors per hour at peak time which is common on 3 and 4 January. While on another date is estimated as many as 15 meteors per hour will be dashed.

The best time to enjoy the Quadrantids meteor shower is after midnight until dawn of the dark. Astronomers confirmed the size of "dark" with a distance of 40 miles or approximately 64.37 km from the big city lights.

If the sky bright and dark conditions were met, you do not need a telescope or binoculars to see it. With just the naked eye this meteor shower can be enjoyed.

In addition Quadrantids meteor shower, meteor shower the other three down at random. Waypoint three meteor showers come to an unknown name that could come from anywhere with a frequency that is relatively small, about 10 meteors per hour.

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