70 Years of Living Without Eating & Drinking

Team India's military doctors are supported by India's defense research center, is currently studying a 83-year-old man who admitted to not consume food and drink for 70 years.

The man named Prahlad Jani, is currently undergoing examination at a hospital located in the western city of Ahmedabad. During the 24 hours he was examined by 30 doctors, as well as a series of medical tests.

"Research on this man could open the way how a man can live without food and water," said the Director of the Institute of Physiology and Department of Defense Science Dr G Ilavazahagan India, as quoted by AFP on Thursday (04/29/2010).

"The research could help solve problems of survival strategies when natural disasters, extreme stress conditions and research as a mission to the moon or Mars by humans," added Dr. Ilavazahagan.

Ilavazahagan added that the intent of the research on Jani through medical technology, not anything else to find the energy to support its continued existence. He also hoped that the techniques used Jani can be used by Indian soldiers.

Jani himself admitted that if he was meditating to gain energy.

Tests conducted on Jani including magnetic resonance scanning (MRI). This procedure is done to see brain activity and heart Jani. In addition, he works as a spiritual teacher will also undergo inspection by the scan electrode, and undergo another examination of nerve physiology. An estimated assessment on Jani will last between 15-20 days

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