prostitution business through facebook and wabsite

Indonesia, officials Cyber Crime Unit of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation Special Jakarta Police uncover prostitution business through social networking sites facebook and website. Two pimps secured in the case.

"Two suspects, each named Valerius aka Robby and Wida," said Director Reskrimsus Jakarta Police Commissioner Yan Fitri Halimansyah when contacted reporters on Thursday (12/30/2010).

Yan Fitri mengatan, Valerius role as manager of the website ****. com and facebook with account Kyne Secret Love. While Wida is a pimp or a provider of women entertainers.

Two suspects were arrested at a hotel in the area Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta on Monday, December 27 last. Evidence that police seized a mobile phone brands Nexian 1 unit, USD 1.75 million in cash and a box of male contraceptives.

He added that the disclosure of the case stems from cyber patrol by police. Police found the suspicions of the site and facebook account.

"Then we follow through with the investigation by posing as customers," said Yan-Fitr.

After an investigation, the suspect turned out very well provide for the comfort women. "After that, we did arrest of the concerned," added Yan.

Meanwhile, Acting Adj Ditreskrimsus Cyber Crime Polda Metro Jaya Adjunct Commissioner Suwondo Nainggolan said the second suspect has committed unlawful business since 2008. Turnover generated hundreds of millions of dollars.

In the action, both the perpetrators of this advertise-perempaun beautiful woman who can be booked to accompany the men philanderer. "She put her photos are on the website or even facebook is," said Suwondo.

For the men who want a date with a woman entertainer, first must register as a member. "Once a member, a new customer can order," he said.

The suspects provides dozens of women with 'quality' physically different. For the lowest standard, comfort women were pegged booking price of Rp 700 thousand, up to millions of dollars to a high standard.

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