strange-scented perfume, perhaps even repulsive to your

The Nielsen Company survey end in May 2011 recorded sales of beauty care products every year continue to soar significantly. Perfume goods recorded as one of the most widely hunted beauty both men and women. Present-day humans can not appear as clean and should be on every occasion.

Speaking about the perfume fragrance is a lot to offer in this world. Call it the most expensive perfume, Clive Christian's Imperial Majesty, which was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for U.S. $ 215 thousand.

But you know, there are varieties of perfume that has a unique aroma and even made ​​of materials that disgusting. Here's the list:

1. Perfume from Human Urine

This strange perfume by Cherry Tree. He was inspired by the natural conditions are broken. "The smell was sweet after you eat a lot of honey but so awful after eating chicken", "Tree said in Fasionista, June 2, 2011. Parfum is produced since 2006.

2. Perfumes from Dirt Man
A British artist, Nicholas Jammie really make it. "Surplus," said Jammie perfume brand called it in Fashionista some time ago. Surplus priced at U.S. $ 80. If perfume Clive Christian's Imperial Majesty made ​​only 5 pieces, surplus produced only 80 fruits.

3. Perfumes Blood and Sperm
Perfume was released quirky and controversial singer Lady GaGa. Perfume branded 'Monster' is claimed to have been produced since October 2010. Magnifique secretions from Etat Libre d'Orange has also been issued a collection of these extreme special scented perfume in New York City.

4. Vaginal Aroma Perfume
Vulva Original is a perfume product that has a specific aroma. The aroma deliberately intended to stimulate the user and not attract anyone's attention. Vulva Original is designed for users to feel more sensual, simply dripped on the skin to breathe after a while.

5. Cannabis-scented perfume
Created Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum which has a strong wood aroma character. Materials are mixed in a perfume is one of them marijuana marijuana mixed with tree roots, chocolate, vetiver, and vanilla.

Besides perfume specified above. Some other perfumes are made from lobster, burgers until the smell of wall paint.

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