cow has a horn like a unicorn

The cow healthy living in the provinces of Hebei, northern China. Jia Kebing cattle owners first became aware of a small lump on the forehead, when the cow was born two years ago. But, he did not think the lump grew to 8 inches long horns.

The cow is basically one of the creatures who claimed to be a unicorn, a horse-like animal that has horns on his forehead. It's become a widespread issue since reports first emerged in India.

However, many experts claim is the work of human unicorn myth.

Apparently, there is a history about one-horned goat or cow in Assyria, a kingdom that never present in the area that is now Iraq, said Cerridwen Fallingstar, mythical unicorn expert who teaches cross-cultural field of study. Some of the ranchers move the horn to the side of the middle to create one long horn, she said.

However, there are also experts who believe about a unicorn. "To say that the unicorn is a fictional creature tantamount to assess that UFOs do not exist," said Seth Greenings, survivorologis supernatural expert based in Los Angeles.

To learn more, Greenings ask the experts contact Jia and see the condition of the cow's health

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