sex with over 5000 man

English were surprised by a statement by a woman who has slept with more than 5 thousand men since he lost a virgin at 16 years.

Lee had told the experience of sex on the Beach Ibiza, Spain. He claimed to have had sex with four men in one night.
"Right now I've had sex with five thousand men and friends say I need help to overcome sex addiction," said Lee.
But the blonde woman is actually quite enjoy the current situation and do not want to be cured at all.

Nikki Lee, admitted he had sex every record the name of the man he was invited to sleep in a little red notebook. Each of the men she even give the value, how good they are in bed.
"I always draw a star next to the name of the man who I think is very good in bed. When touching the age of 18, I moved into an apartment and a list of names Fuck man I have grown to 800 people," said Lee was quoted as saying by The Sun, Sunday (15 / 8 / 2010).

The number continues to increase, when her 21-year-old Lee admitted that he had associated with 2.289 men. Each of his acquaintance with men and bring them to the bed, Lee never gave his real phone number. Abstinence for him to sleep with the same man twice.

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