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Manufacturer PowerBalance bracelet (PB) acknowledges that its products do not have any effect as they claim. Who was the brain behind the making of this bracelet?

Businessman from California, Josh Rodarmel (28) is the first to develop this bracelet with her brother, Troy, three years ago. Both claims, the hologram sticker on the silicone bracelets that have special privileges. That is boosting the performance of natural energy found in the body,

In an interview last year, Josh explains that the human body has a frequency and there are things that give bad effects such as mobile phones and radio waves. This causes the frequency of natural healing terhambar and even fail.

"We found a way to restore both the frequency of the hologram, thus balancing the body. Make it more robust and flexible, "he continued.

Rodarmel brothers claim, the bracelet was working with different ways to setuap people. For athletes, they would be more powerful and balanced. In addition to their muscles recover faster.

"Those who are not athletes stated this bracelet to work for them and give encouragement. Not only that, but also various areas of life such as office and bedroom, "he continued.

An estimated 2.5 million PowerBalance bracelet sold worldwide. Among the celebrities also wear it, make this product continue selling well.

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