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For someone who suffers Ophidiophobia (phobia of snakes), snakes Chrysopelea type may be their worst nightmare. Because the snake is not only able to approach prey by crawling, but can also fly in the air.

According to the Discovery site, the researchers have succeeded in explaining how the snakes Chrysopelea can float up to as high as 80 feet or 24 meters, between the trees habitat in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

The biologist from Virginia Tech has been researching these snakes by dropping them from the towers of a height over 49 feet or 15 meters, and record every move they do.

This snake is not to oppose gravity flying or doing other things. But the magnitude of the force produced by the snake is indeed surprising. Action 'acrobatics' is, it can be done by using the snake's body aerodynamics.

"The body of a snake that transverse, forming something that is usually found on a typical wing. We did not expect to find such a good aerodynamic performance," said Jake Socha, a researcher of this research.

Snakes able to lift their bodies by utilizing a combination of excess body shape with a corner which he took when the winds pick up, or known by the term angle of attack, said Socha.

For example, to take off from a tree, these snakes down the front of their bodies to form a posture like the letter 'J', before then jumps and accelerated to flying.

Therefore, the snake will be lifted up, even then would still fall to the ground, because the upward component of aerodynamic force will be greater than its own weight.

Hypothetically, if the snake kept in such conditions, they will continue to lift up and fly. "However, the model that we made showed that the aerodynamic effects generated only for a moment the snake," Socha explained.
The model, also help researchers explain drifting techniques from a variety of other species such as some frogs, lizards, ants, fish, squid and fish.

In the future, this research may also be useful to fix a small air vehicles, such as unmanned aircraft by duplicating the method of energy efficiency of these animals.

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