now, twins Justin Bieber from Australia became a favorite Internet

Teenagers from Sydney, Australia, has become famous in the internet world. Hollywood artists like Justin Bieber, Jamie managed to collect 50.00 Laou Twitter followers.

Laou, 17, becoming famous when the show premiered on the internet via webcam. "When I do a webcam show, a lot of girls who seemed to cry. It's so amazing, "said Laou as reported by Gawker.

Laou feel that the relationship between himself and Bieber quite surprising. In fact, Laou could reveal a bold statement on Twitter about the adolescent artist.

"If Justin was so fond of beliebers (the fans Justin Bieber), why he does not upload (upload) the original video on YouTube. Therefore, why should we put it in the first position? "

Laou also had said that he did not want to be confused with Bieber. "I was never a man who pretended to like Bieber. I was myself," said Laou. "I just teens who have cool hair."

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