doctor of michael jackson is a real killer

Death of The King Of Pop Michael Jackson, could not be separated from the role of personal doctor, Conrad Murray. Could be, these men deserve to be called as the killer.

In the hearing, which was held on Wednesday (5 / 1), revealed Murray waited 21 minutes after Michael's last breath, before calling for help. Murray then called Michael's security team.

He also ordered a guard to enter heaps of drugs and other medical equipment into his bag, before calling for emergency paramedic services. Jacko's personal physician was accused of being responsible for his death and deal with unintentional murder and non-violence (manslaughter).

Initial trial to determine whether legal proceedings against Murray could be continued, and was started on Tuesday (3 / 1) local time. Prosecutors described the case against Murray, attended by a number of families like his older brother Michael, Latoya and Jermaine, and Katherine, his mother.

The court also found, Michael took a cocktail of sleeping pills and a strong anesthetic, a few hours before he stopped breathing. Attorney says Murray (57) distracted by a phone call and his attempt to perform first aid ineffective.

"Carrying a number of actions that do are very different from the standard of care as appropriate," said District Attorney David Walgren. Murray paying Rp1, 4 billion per month this does not convey to paramedics and doctors at the hospital that he had given infusions of propofol, anesthesia surgery, to Jackson.

Propofol is a powerful anesthetic that may only be used for surgical purposes. Its use should not be outside the operating room and surgeon must obtain approval.

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