Justin Bieber kiss photo Selena Gomez

Caribbean a couple months ago, Justin Bieber ever caught was kissing her music video model, Jasmine Villegas. Now, the singer of 'Baby' was again caught when kissing Selena Gomez.

As reported by JustJared, Monday (01/03/2011), Justin and Selena spend New Year's holiday together on a yacht in the Caribbean. Intimacy both caught on camera during the 16-year-old singer kissed Selena.

In these photos, Justin is only wearing shorts is never far from Selena who appears wearing a bikini. In addition to kissing, they were also seen holding and hugging.

Previously, both Justin and Selena was always denied the rumors surrounding their relationship. Selena is famous by the Disney series 'Wizards of Waverly Place' was revealed that Justin has been regarded as her own sister.

Some time ago, they also reportedly spent the night together at a luxury hotel Gansevoort in Miami, Florida, United States. However, both Selena and Justin has not anyone make a statement about the rumor.

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Anonymous said...

geez , jb should choose a better gf instead of the fake selena gomez! jb has choose a girl who loves kissing him! so not in our mind! I warn u jb,better break up . okay listen , us,(girls) i know it is so romantic,but we r all very jealus about it.........«i love jb ,there i said it»