why your blog was a low traffic

order to each blogger must have wanted a blog / weblog traffic they have a high. learned, how the traffic your blog / website you are lonely visitor. based on my experience, these things that cause your blog traffic is low.

1. Rarely Updated Blog Articles

because every time your blog visitors come, will continue to read the same article. so in order to avoid the issues above, make the target. mean wrote an article four times a week or one day per one article.

2. Article, Less Desirable

try writing an article which was greatly interested, try searching on google trends. or free things must be hunted visitors.

3. Layout Template

arrange placement of advertisements and other accessories well and does not interfere with your blog visitors eye. and use of accessories / widgets just as necessary.

4. loading process is too long

usually blog visitors will immediately close your browser when your blog / website that I visited, its loading is too long. so my advice is: "do not wear too many widgets and scripts do not add other companies, (such as advertisements and widgets) is too much on the head template".

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