blog traffic from facebook

At this time, facebook is a web of friendship no.1 in the world. so let's try to increase blog traffic by adding a blog on facebook. it would be nice, make friends while promoting our blogs in the world. or in the Indonesian proverb says "while diving, drink water." this way actually managed to bring traffic to our blog. Our blog can be read by hundreds or even thousands of our friend, even that has not become your friends.

But a prerequisite is that you must establish good relations with your friends on facebook so that your blog will be easy to get a response.okay, no small talk anymore. I will provide a way to increase blog traffic feeds by entering your blog on facebook. and this is how:

1. login on your facebook
2. then click "edit notes privacy" to set on who can read the blog. I advice all people to choose someone who has not become your friend can read your blog.
3. Click import blog
4. Please enter your blog feeds, my advice is to choose half the contents of your article to be displayed so that readers who want to continue reading will come directly into your blog, and you also get traffic from it.
5. check that you enter the address of your blog feeds, to avoid the mistakes your blog traffic purposes.
6. after feeling right, you can proceed by clicking confirm import
7. establishes a good relationship to your friends, and keep writing your articles and be patient

tips of my way to bring traffic to your blog or website. congratulations tried and survived the arrival traffic. I seemed to go to school with your online traffic. thanks

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