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Have a daily visitors who continued to arrive and with a stable amount is the desire of all bloggers. Especially for those who want to make their blogs as a means of monetization (which can make money from blogs.)

The problem is, many blogs that never get traffic according to his dream. Just to stabilize it might be difficult to achieve. Sometimes rose dramatically after blogwalking or after successfully targeting keywords. But sometimes even go down or dropped when 2 things are not done in a certain period.

But if we're smart, in fact the core of the stability of traffic flow and increasing slowly but surely is situated on the content. Yes, content is king. That phrase common among many of us bloggers already know. Without content you really can bring and maintain the flow of traffic, our blog will probably not go to grow.

Then, what kind of content that should be owned by the blog so that traffic flow could be kept stable and could even increase slowly but surely?

Articles Tutorial or How To Style Tips

This type of article that most potential to become a contributor to the eternal traffic for our blog. Its timeless or not perishable (aka always needed a lot of people up at any time) becomes a plus separate guidance for this type article.

Its solve a problem, provide a way out (solution), give directions, and illuminating was the one who create the content of this type are sought / needed. Also much loved by visitors.

Therefore, it is obligatory for you to fill at least 30% of the total content of your blog with this type of article. So from now on, try to share something you know and know well. It would be better if something will shared is based upon our own personal experiences. Alias has been our practice or first try ever. Minimal based on our personal observations (not just a cheat or a copy of the papers have been published in other media.)

Opinion article or Analysis

Articles scientific manifold is also much preferred by visitors. Why so? Basically people like to listen to the speech of others (his neighbor). In this case, the conversation that is the description of opinion against something (especially something of interest).

He had always wanted to know the nature of other people's opinions about something of interest. With hope, he can gain additional insights into understanding or enrichment of these things. No matter, whether other people's opinions are in line with his thinking or not.

Well, in relation to the blog world or cyberspace, reading the content type of opinion could be the way to 'hear' other people's opinions about something that interested them. Therein lies the charm or the strength of various opinion articles / analysis.

Even articles of this type also has the potential to provide lasting traffic to our blog (although maybe not as good as a tutorial article). With a record, something that is reviewed through opinion was not included something quickly stale. Examples of this opinion that the content type movie reviews, book reviews, artist reviews, music reviews, reviews of religious, political commentary, reviews the economic, psychological reviews, reviews about blogging, and so forth.

News Articles or Information Actual

Well, maybe this is the type of content most often associated with the term shoot keyword (for most of the bloggers). Its very fresh or actual creating content of this type has the potential to drain the overflow traffic in a moment. Even up to 3 days after posting.

Some bloggers may not be so eager to fill their blogs with articles like this (especially those that prefer to write a post diversified opinions, vent, or tutorials). Legitimate. But if your blog has not had a lot of loyal visitors or RSS feed subscribers (subscribers), then write and post the actual content such as this must seem to you to do (to provide vitamins or injecting more traffic to your blog).

But you should not get stuck or just talkative (bandwagon) to post something that is warm, when you lack control of the topic. Or even less like actual topic. If you still insist, your writing can be bland, seem forced, or something less have value for readers.

So, give priority to write / post an article that really warm you like the topic and also (if possible) you know well. It would be much better if you also add in some of your personal opinions about the topic / hot news these. So, not only to preach or present data and facts alone.

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