war south korea and north korea, happen again

The situation in the tense Korean peninsula following the North Korean artillery attacks into South Korean territory. United States who become allies of South Korea said it would defend South Korea directly.
"The U.S. is firmly committed to defending our ally, South Korea, and to maintain regional peace and stability," the White House said in a statement reported by Reuters on Tuesday (23/11/2010).
White House says continue to communicate intensively with the South. North Korea condemns U.S. attack this.
"The United States strongly condemns this attack and ask North Korea to stop its aggressive actions," said the White House.
Previously, North Korea fired about 200 artillery shells into Yeonpyeong Island in the South. This is the worst attack since the two neighbors is a truce that ended the Korean War in 1953.
This attack happened as the arrival of U.S. envoy to the region following the North's stance that continued enrichment of uranium. U.S. worried about N Korea will make an atomic bomb.
About 70 homes burned in Yeonpyeong Island North Korea due to being bombarded. While the residents were evacuated into the bunker or out of the island by boat fishermen.
Action North bombardment began at around 15:00 local time or at 13.00 pm. South Korea's direct reply to the attack. Both parties contest each other artillery for an hour, before finally stopping.

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