spiderman on broadway

Spider-Man is definitely on stage with a Broadway show without accidents trust again Thursday night in the ability to protect from exposure to the health of its cast, but maybe not your financial future.

The $ 65,000,000 in production, with music by U2's Bono and The Edge have been suspended for two concerts on Monday when security problems for an actor crashed about 30 yards from an elevated platform and broke his ribs and require surgery.

"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" is mixed opinion of the crowd without incident during its 35 plus aerial acrobatics, but a suit and tie "Spidey" on the public to fly nearly fell off a cliff and needed help stage hand, back to his feet.

Four injured actor and long delays before the November 28 show the premiere of the most expensive production in Broadway history focuses increase speculation he could be staged, despite his star power the show, by Julie Taymor's epic failure.

Two features are set for Wednesday were canceled, while state and federal authorities checked the system setting and the actors and stunt harness. About $ 400,000 in lost ticket sales have gone, the New York Times.

The public has said that the additional element of intrigue, danger to the show.

"It's like looking for a NASCAR race (car). Everyone goes through an accident," said Mark Prince, 53, a developer with the show, was disappointed, especially music.

"I thought it was Bono and The Edge do a better job. He has to fight," he said.

Customers most admired theater air and spectacular scenery, but the big musical numbers received only polite applause and some said they expected more for their money. Orchestra section tickets go for $ 150 and nearly two times higher in the resale sites.

"I'm a big fan of U2, but was not impressed," said Greg Harden, 40, a real estate investor.

"The property has to be worked on," said Fiona Salmon, 40, volunteers for the nonprofit theater. "They should have more hang time. It was more like Mary Poppins" Spider-Man. "

The show is in previews, allowing manufacturers to warn the public has not seen a finished product. The first performance on 28 November, at least five times to a stop while the crew prepares technical problems.

The official opening is in seventh starts in February and the show will last for years to reach equilibrium.

The actor Christopher Tierney, 32, was injured in the performer in fourth place, while walking off the platform will be Monday at the end of the show. The producers told the audience before the show on Thursday he had a successful surgery and rehabilitation should begin on Monday.

Amateur video showed him falling squatting on the edge of the raised platform and watched while the character of Mary Jane, who was hanging from a rope. In the same scene on Thursday was Spider-Man in a vertical position and behind the edge.

Ten dancers and specialists using the Spider-Man suit and Reeve Carney in the role of Peter Parker
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